Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Grafted Ginkgo Tree. 6.13.17

Here is the growth of my dad's ginkgo tree, grafted onto a rootstock from locally obtained ginkgo seeds.  I grafted last year.  Then, the scion grew only a small tuft of leaves.  This year, it is growing by leaps and bounds.

I think ginkgo is more difficult to graft compared to apples and plums.  Of the three that I grafted, one did not take at all, and one fell off this spring, after one year.  But this one is clearly thriving.  This was a whip-and-tongue graft.


  1. Hi, just read your comments/post about Black berries you are growing.
    I wanted to ad my experience. About five years ago I bought 5 plants from local McLendon, which I thought I was buying Blue and Rasbery. The branches of one of the five grew upward between 15-20 feet. Did some research and found out that it was Navaho thornless blackberry. In the last four years I have been blessed with getting lots and lots of very sweet large black berries, which I also share with my neighbors and relatives. I am very happy with my Mystery plant.

  2. I'm not aware that one can graft gingko because the wood is kind of spongy like cork. Nice work on such small diameter of wood to work with.