Sunday, May 21, 2017

Indian Runner Ducklings. 5.21.17

 I think they are about 3 weeks old now.  They grow very quickly.  They have lost their yellow color, and starting to fill in white and fawn color.  The hens ignore them, and vice versa.  One of the roosters asserted himself, but did not attack so I think they are OK.  First time floating, they do like the water.


  1. Wow, fury little guys. They even have their little house.

  2. They have almost lost their baby down, gaining adult feathers and color. Cute, shy critters. They love eating slugs. I go on a slug hunt every couple of days. In the Northwest, they grow slugs very big, so lots of protein for hungry ducklings.

  3. Birds are ferocious slug and snail eaters. The starlings or the crows some how know how to crack their shells and took the body and nothing left except broken shells. I never have a snail problem but I do have to go slug hunting at nights in early spring. The duckies got a house and swimming pool, that's the life.

    1. Every couple of days I go on a slug safari, overturning bricks, rocks, and boards, and collecting them into a bowl. From the way the ducks gulp them down, you would think they are chocolate brownies. They love them!