Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tree Update. 5.12.17

Greenspire Linden, 5 years.  5.21.17

Above Greenspire Linden when planted on 9.8.2012
Redmond American Linden.  Planted Feb 23, 2013.  Now 5.21.17 
These are trees that I planted a few years ago.  I always wonder if I will live long enough to see nice trees, from the trees that I plant.  However, with some good fortune, and care, and careful choosing of the specimen and variety, a few years can make a dramatic difference.  I found photos from when I planted these trees, and linked to them.  They are becoming nice specimens now.

It's interesting that the tiny maple seedling has outpaced a 12 foot tall maple that we planted at about the same time.  Moving large trees, they are really set back for a few years.
Unidentified Seedling Maple.  5 years.  5.21.17

The dawn redwood is from last October.  It doesn't show up well in photos yet, so I took a photo of the foliage.
Dawn Redwood Foliage.  Planted Oct 2017, bare root.  5.21.17
Above Redmond Linden, the spring after planted, as of May 7, 2013
Above maple when transplanted, 10.7.2012, a volunteer seedling. 

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